A Glimpse of the Menu

The best of old and new northern frontier cuisine, specially curated for you!

Taking your taste buds on a journey around India, with hints of innovative Indian & Fusion food added along the way.  Diners will definitely be excited with the new menu on offer which has two clear parts to it -  the classic, and the innovative.

Patiala's signature dishes include the Dorra Kebab, Dum ke Khumb and Garbar Falooda, which bring out the old-world charm of classic Indian food. His innovative Indian & Fusion cuisine is inspired by his travels around the world and brings forth the young, vibrant, and experimental innovative India.

A must try is the Grilled Chilean Seabass, Khumb Ka Khitchra, and the Mango Lassi Ice Cream. One of the best ways to sample the best of Patiala, is to try the tasting menu that offers small bites of signatures dishes from each course of the menu. Pair these signature dishes with a good wine or an exciting mocktail to enhance the taste of the experience.

It is our endeavour to use as much seasonal produce as possible, ensuring that guests can always enjoy cuisine that is fresh, and exciting.